How To Replace A Timing Belt On A 2000 Zx3 Ford Focus?


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First, you will have to remove all the belts to access the cover screws. Second you will have to remove the crankshaft pulley. Third you will position the engine on TDC, in which their are timing marks to see this. Now if you notice on the drivers side of the head on the back of the camshafts both the intake and exhaust camshaft has slots in them. Both slots should be directly horizontal if the engine is at TDC. Now it takes a special tool to hold these camshafts in place before the belt is removed. The tool basically looks like a flat piece of steel, but it is designed to lay flat against the head surface and slide into these slots on the camshaft also to keep everything still. Now you will release the tensioner holding the tension on the belt, and remove the belt. Instalation reverse of removal.

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