Need To Get Engine Spark Plug Wiring Diagram, Can Anyone Help Me?


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In this day and age of the internet where it seems everything you need is online, if you want to find a engine spark plug wiring diagram for any domestic car or any number of foreign cars, the best answer may be your local brick and mortar public library. In most libraries you will find a book called the Chilton guide, and it is published for all American cars for the past several decades, and there you will find all of the answers you need to know about the mechanics of your car.

The very best part of this is that it won't cost you any money. You can but these manuals at most auto parts stores but they tend to be quite expensive.  You can check them out if you have a library card and it won't cost you any money unless you lose it or turn it in late. 

Knowing the spark plug wiring on any car is crucial, certain wires go to certain plugs and without the right sequence the car will run poorly or it may not run at all. A Chilton guide for your car will help you plug in either the necessary four, six, or eight plugs depending on how many cylinders your car or truck has. 

If your local library does not have Chilton guide for your year model car or one very close to it, you may have to visit an auto parts store and pay for one. If they don't have it, chances are you can order one from them and you may even be lucky enough to run into someone there who is familiar with your car who may know the wiring.

Make sure you get the spark plug wiring done correctly on your car, it will make all the difference in how well it runs.
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If you go to and put in the information you are requesting.. It will bring up the info and pics.. Hope this helps.. I use it all the time.
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Spark plug wiring diagram
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Firing Order
1-2-3-4-5-6 for the engine and 5-2-3-6-4-1 for the coil

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