How To Replace Water Pump On 2003 Chevy Venture?


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Replacing the water pump on a 2003 Chevrolet Venture is a relatively straightforward but slightly time consuming job. For someone who is inexperienced at car and auto repairs, the job will probably take between one and a half and two hours to complete. You should undertake the task in the following order:

• Unhook the positive battery terminal
• Loosen the four 10 mm bolts on the water pump pulley. However, you should not remove the bolts yet at this stage.
• Remove the serpentine belt. If the belt is worn or cracked you should think about replacing it with a new one.
• Remove the four pulley bolts then remove the five water pump bolts and the old water pump.
• Clean any gasket material off the water pump face. Then install the new water pump and gasket.
• Replace the pulley and install the serpentine belt. Then you should be able to reconnect the battery terminal.

It is recommended that you use a catch pan in case you spill some anti-freeze during the process. It is also important to check your anti-freeze level prior to starting the process of changing the water pump.

The Chevrolet Venture is a mini-van that was produced by General Motors between 1997 and 2005. The Consumer Guide website gives the 2003 Venture a road test rating of 61 out of 100.

Chevrolet is a brand of vehicle that was founded by Louis Chevrolet and General Motors founder William C Durrant on 3 November 1911. Durrant had been ousted from GM the previous year due to financial difficulties and went into partnership with Chevrolet in order to try to create 'another GM'.

The Chevrolet brand was bought by General Motors in 1918 and continues to exist under their ownership to the current day. They sell and produce a variety of cars and commercial trucks and vehicles.

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