Spark Plug Wire Diagram, Nissan Pickup, Can You Help?


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Roger Clegg answered
Well it is hard to answer your question as I do not know the model of your pickup so all I can do is advise to you on sites that are likely to supply you with the answer you require.
My advice with any kind of missing manuals is to register with all pdf docs ( a database of gazillions of pdfs, some useful some less so. It’s free to use but you do have to register.
A few pdf’s on this page mention spark plugs ( not sure if there are diagrams.
This forum might help ( as might this site (
There are few pdfs of old Haynes manuals available for free here ( ) but if that doesn’t help then I’m afraid you’re gonna have to fork out for a Haynes repair manual.
Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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