I need a wiring diagram for 1973 VW Beetle turn signal & brake. Can someone help me?


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If you are an owner of a 1973 VW Beetle and need to replace the wiring for a turn signal and for a brake light, you have a number of different options from which to choose. Volkswagens are some of the most simply designed cars that have ever been built and working on them is easy for anyone with a minimum of mechanical aptitude. If you need a wiring diagram you can look in any of the following places:

• Local library
• Internet
• Auto parts store

There are a number of manuals written by third parties that detail every inch of a VW. Chilton's manuals are the best known and they can be found in most local auto parts stores and they are reasonably priced.  If you're short on cash and need to find a solution without spending any money, visit your local library. Most libraries have auto manuals and since VW's were one of the most popular cars in the country, it's very likely you'll find a manual for a 1973. If you don't find a manual for your exact year model, don't sweat it. VW Beetles changed very little over the 1970s so if you find a year that's anywhere close to your year model, it will do the job.

You can also go to the internet if you're looking for a low cost wiring diagram solution. It is possible to find some good auto advice on the web but you have to be careful as not all information that you'll find is reliable. Stick with Volkswagen web sites that you know are legitimate and you'll have the most success. If all else fails, ask your local auto mechanic. Chances are they have worked on a VW before and are already familiar with all of the wiring on the car.

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