Are Jasper Engines Good Or Bad?


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I bought mine three years ago and after 18 months it blew a head gasket.  It was covered by warranty somewhat.  Jasper replaced the entire engine again but the warranty on the replacement engine was the remainder of the original warranty.  I protested, but to no avail.  The out of pocket cost for me to have them replace the warrantied engine was well over $500.00.  The replacement engine now has 17 months and less than 15000 miles on it, and it too, blew a head gasket.  Since I am beyond the original 24 month warranty period, Jasper doesn't want to deal with it.  When I had the problem the first time, my repair facility examined the failed gasket and determined that it failed because it was damaged (crushed) prior to engine assembly.  They also have examined the second failure and found the same thing.  Their opinion was that the assembler had set the corner of the head on the gasket and damaged it, then put it together.  The first time was on the left head and the second time was on the right head.  When I chose the Jasper originally, I bought the most complete engine I could buy because I didn't want any further problems with it.  I use this vehicle as a service vehicle and down time is a killer for a service vehicle.  By the time Jasper finally got things straightened out on their warranty replacement and I was back on the road, I had been out of commission for a full month.  This time around, Jasper is only willing to supply gaskets.
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I couldn't tell you about these days but 20 years ago Jasper had some of the best rebuilts available. They do a nice job of building marine outdrives also. They used to have good high performance engines which were just mildly hopped up. I definitely would recommend the long block unless you have had the heads rebuilt in the last 5 years or so.

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Jasper has a great warranty and if bad shops mess up its not their fault,make sure you take your vehicle to a good shop!
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I have found articles saying they are joining with penske and they are going eco friendly and they are one of the best companies to hire into....

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