My Car Is Having Trouble Starting Sometimes. When I Turn The Key, Nothing Happens. I Put More Water In The Battery Yesterday, And It Started. Then The Same Thing Happened Again Today. I Jiggled The Wires And It Started. Can You Help?


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Sometimes my car wont start in the morning and it cranks for a long time then all of a sudden it will start but the electrics warning light wont turn off until I turn the car off and start it up again can you help?
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There are so many complex reasons for why a car may have trouble starting, that it is virtually impossible to say anything definitive without actually examining your vehicle. There is, however, an excellent troubleshooting guide on the Internet, which you may use to diagnose what the problem may be with your car. Click here for this troubleshooter.
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My car, a 1993 Olds 88, has a security system built into the ignition system. When the wrong key is placed into the ignition, it shuts the ignition down for three minutes. When the system goes bad, or the key gets dirty, the ignition will not start or will begin acting erratically (like mine). So, in short, my security system is messed up and has to go to the dealer to be repaired.

thanks for the suggestions though!
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You are making this too serious for the asker. Stick to basics,,,it will be better appreciated. We all know that any problem can be caused by hundreds of different things but this is one of the many situations that is fairly easily remedied.
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I agree with Vadin. There are a lot of reasons and he gave you an excellent link to troubleshoot your vehicle.
It is good to start with the simple things, such as; a loose battery cable or bad battery.
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Clean all of the battery connections and reinstall, also check the battery connection at the starter and the ground wire that goes to the engine block. If that doesn't completely clear up the problem,take it to a shop and have the battery tested and the alternator tested. Good Luck
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You need to check for corrosion on the terminals and in the wires them selves. I had the same problem a few days ago and it happened to be that the neg term connector had rusted though
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Try tightening the ground on the battery cable, cleaning or replacing the terminal ends. As for the battery being low on water, your probably looking at having to replace the battery. The water will generally start to go down when the cells are getting bad
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You need to take the terminals off an clean the battery posts baking soda an water does good an you can get at post cleaner from any parts store if that don't do it have your battery tested
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Take your battery cables off from the battery and clean them real good and that should take care of that problem.
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Disconnect the battery cables, clean them and the battery posts really good. Make sure when reconnecting them that they are completely tightened down. This should help unless the battery or cables are bad. You can go to autozone and they will test your battery and charging system for free.

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