How Can I Find My Old Car?


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Finding an old car depends on the past situation. If your car is stolen then you will have to report your areas police department. They are the best option to find a stolen car. You have no other choice, but contacting police. If you have sold your old car and want to recover it than you can check with the dealer or the person to whom you sold your car. It is possible that they might have sold the car to some one else. At least you will get an idea who owns the car at present. Ask that person if he is interested in selling that car to you.

You can also try checking with traffic police department. They have all the records about cars and other vehicles. Who ever sells or purchases a car, he is supposed to file a documentation of all the information with Traffic police Department. It is obvious that the person may have recorded his deal with this department so you can try and check out if they can help you.
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Sold my pride and joy monster truck to build a house after getting married in 1983..I have photos that include my old license plates- can I trace this vehicle from my old plate number?? Would love to find and restore. TH

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