How To Replace Ignition Coil In Chevy S 10?


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Detailed instructions may vary between different variations of the Chevy S10, especially over different years of manufacture. It is therefore highly advisable to find a suitable repair manual for the vehicle in question before attempting any major repair or replacement work. It may be possible to find a manual at a local library, a second hand book shop or similar. Alternatively, manuals can be found and sometimes downloaded free from a range of web sites. In the meantime, here is a brief run-down on how to replace the coil pack on a 1998 Chevy S10.

  • Preparing the Vehicle
    The front of the S10 should be raised using a jack, then be supported by jack stands. It is important to make sure the vehicle is secure on the stands before attempting to work on it. The tire on the driver-side then has to be removed. Following this, the plastic tabs securing the fender lining have to be removed with the help of a flat-headed screwdriver. The lining can then be removed and put aside. The battery should be disconnected.
  • Removing Spark Plug Wires
    Each spark plug wire should be clearly marked (try using masking tape and a permanent marker pen) with its position on the coil pack; for instance 'top left', 'bottom left' etc. Each wire then has to be removed by gripping the base and pulling and slightly twisting.
  • Replacing the Coil Pack
    The coil pack needs to be unbolted from the engine block with a socket wrench. The new coil pack can then be put into place and bolted back onto the engine block. The spark plug wires have to be replaced according to their labels, and the battery may be reconnected. Finally, the fender liner and tire are refitted and the vehicle is lowered using the jack.

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