How Do You Fix A Minor Puncture Car Tyre?


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Each car comes equipped with a stepney or a spare wheel. This is for use in case of an emergency or when a puncture happens. A puncture can be fixed by oneself using a puncture repair kit or by getting it fixed at a garage. You first have to park the vehicle at the size of the road and switch on your distress lights.

Empty the vehicles of all of its occupants and remove the entire load from the vehicle. Apply the handbrake, place the gear shift in neutral and use the jack to raise the affected part of the car. Remember to loosen the nuts that fit the wheel to the axle before raising the car. Once the car is raised remove the wheel.

To repair the affected tyre the mechanic will remove the tubing after loosening the tyre from the wheel. He will feel the inside of the wheel for the nail or other object that caused the puncture and have it removed. He will submerge the tube after filling it with air to determine and fix the affected area with a patch of glued on rubber.

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