The UK is committed to the end of petrol and diesel cars by 2040. Most other European countries have similar plans. When will you buy an electric car? Do you already have one?


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Here in texas everyone loves their pick up trucks and drilling for oil so i see very little change by 2040

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I wouldn't mind an electric car but I'd rather wait till the batteries are fine tuned a bit and there are more charging stations around.

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I agree with Hippy.  I'd love to have one.  I wish the US would get behind the idea.  Out in the sticks where I live, there are no charging stations. 

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When they make one that can go 700 miles on a single charge. I travel fairly frequently and often long distances. In about a week I have a trip planned that is 650 miles on the most direct route, which I probably won't take because of traffic. I will get off and take back roads to  keep my sanity.

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A friend bought one. He was told 120 Km per charge (about 70 miles). He drove it to work and got half-way home when the battery died. (cost him for tow truck to tow him home no battery boost or can of gas could help) The salesman didn't know that the heater in the car (it was -20 degrees) would use electricity, and here, the sun is not up when you leave for work (in winter) or when you go home, so he had the headlights on. Got 40Km rather than 120.  If you get one, don't drive with lights on, or heater on, or radio on... They will all cost you mileage.

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Walt O'Reagun
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I have a question: someone charging their car and keeps the AC or heat running ... will the battery charge fully, as quickly?
Maurice Korvo
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I don't think so, as the power supply that changes the utility voltage/current AC to DC, will have a limited output.. thus some of the output will go to the air conditioner/heater. You could heat the car up (or cool it) before you left, thus insuring the batteries were fully charged, but the inside would go back to ambient conditions quickly once you turned the heater/AC off.
Walt O'Reagun
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Too bad.
One of the drawbacks of every rechargeable tech, is when they don't allow you to use it during charging.
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Korvo has a great example of why they are not yet feasible for millions of Americans.

I drive 70 miles (one way) to work each day.  I also like my AC, listening to the radio, and being able to see in the dark (headlights).

Oregon has added some charging stations along major roads ... But only for 1-2 cars at each station.

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