How Do You Fix A Hole In A Car Fuel Tank?


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You will need the help of professional mechanic unless you have been working with automobiles and can carry on repair work on your own. The petrol or diesel from the gas tank has to be drained before hand. This should be done with great care and away from any and every flame or burning object.

You will then have to remove the tank. Be careful not to puncture the tank with your screw driver while trying to remove the same. The leak in the tank can be repaired using a two part epoxy patch. This is extremely efficient and does the job very well. Boats are repaired using the same material. If you don't find a mechanic to do it for you, you can always drive down to the wharf or neighbourhood boat shop. If you live away from the sea, you needn't worry, as thanks to global warming the coast will probably come to you.

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