Do you think that Electric Cars will eventually replace the petrol / diesel cars we drive today?


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Brian Scott answered

Not just that, I also believe DRIVERLESS cars are going to be the future. It will be safer, more economic, and pretty cool in my opinion

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Dan Banks answered

I'm not sure if battery powered electric cars will ever be practical enough, but yes, the days of petrol/diesel powered vehicles are numbered. It would seem to me that Hydrogen fuel-cells will be the engine of choice in future!

Electric cars

Electric cars have plenty of advantages over fossil-fuel burning vehicles. The main benefits are the environmental gains they provide - they do not produce any carbon emissions on their own.

However, there are also plenty of reasons why battery-powered electric cars (unless a major technological break-through is achieved) won't take off!

  • They don't produce emissions, but they are charged from the mains power supply, which in most cases is generated by fossil-fuel burning power stations.
  • Electric cars are slow and impractical  The huge batteries that they have to lug around makes the vehicles cumbersome and dosen't give you much room for your shopping!
  • They need to be charged. Charging batteries takes a long time, and the battery life isn't too great either. If you run out of power on a long-distance trip then make sure you've got a good pair of walking boots!

Unless a major battery-related breakthrough is made, electric cars will never be favoured over petrol/diesel cars by consumers.

Hydrogen Fuel-Cells

It seems to me that the most promising advance in automobile technology is the introduction of Hydrogen fuel-cell cars. Unlike battery-powered electric cars, fuel-cell vehicles use a fuel (Hydrogen in this case) and turn it into electricity as you use it.

Which means - no more huge batteries! Woop! The only emission is water and they're almost as practical (and fast) as petrol/diesel cars!

The technology is already available, the only problem being that there are only a handful of Hydrogen fuel stations in the country! Once more have been built, then in theory there should be nothing stopping us all from switching from gas-guzzlers to a more eco-friendly alternative!

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Nuvola Sole answered

I think that in the coming years electric vehicles will replace the internal combustion means, because they possess several advantages. They are silent, non-polluting and saves on the cost of insurance, fuel and maintenance. Even companies  can use with excellent results utility electric vehicles in all areas (trade, agriculture, industry, etc. ..).

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Michael Dude answered

Sadly yes I do think that electric cars will replace gas/diesel car I the future. I don't want it to happen but everything must come to an end at some point.

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Rowan Webb answered

I think that there are a lot of factors that will affect whether this will happen or not - most importantly if it does not become easier to finance electric cars and the ease of getting the car charged up.

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Ileana Morrison answered

Frankly, I doubt it. Gasoline and other liquid fuels are just more
efficient than electric vehicles. For EV, you have to buy much more
expensive car, it's range is pretty limited, charging takes time and
you have to replace your battery pack after several years at a
significant cost: EVs do have some advantages like lower fuel cost, but modern IC
engines are also quite economic, so a trip from Dallas to Austin - - will only cost you about $12 for a fuel. And that traveling
distance is close to impossible for most electrocars. Fuel
availability is very good right now, and it is possible to make
artificial gasoline, if necessary.

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Allo Vera answered

I don't think so, not completely anyway. Petrol and diesel cars are easier to fix than electric cars, they are more hardy. 

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