What Causes Brakes To Squeak? Is It Dangerous To Drive Your Car With Squeaking Brakes?


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I just replaced my rear brake pads for my audi a4 1.8 quattro and now there is a sqeaking noise while I drive and stop when I I brake but comes right back when I let off any suggestions to what this might be and what is causing it and how I can fix it would be great thanks a lot.
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Most brake sqeaks are due to glazed rotors and pads, or if the pads have wear indicators they will sqeal when worn, I would recommend inspecting the brakes to be sure they are in safe working order
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The main cause of squeaky brakes are worn brake pads. Over time the brake pad surface wears away due to the friction between the brake pad and the brake disc whenever the foot brake is applied.

The brake disc is attached to the wheel and rotates whenever the wheel is in motion. To bring the vehicle to a stop or to slow down, two brake pads located in a caliper move together to grip the disc. The harder you press the foot pedal, the greater the force applied on the brake disc.

Over time the brake pads inevitably wear down until there is no more surface face left and what grips the brake disc is the underlying metal structure. The squeak is this bare metal making contact with the brake disc.

Sometimes, though, a squeak can be caused by a stone becoming lodged in the brake caliper or in hot countries an excessive build up of dust or grit. Chances are it is simply worn brake pads.

Is it dangerous? Yes, because your car does not have the full braking power it needs, and could cause, in rear wheel drive cars especially, a skid under heavy braking as there would be less pressure applied on one wheel than the others. And you could end up having to replace the brake disc too if it becomes too heavily scored.
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Two different noises, squeaking or grinding, brakes will sometimes squeal when the brake pad dust gets caught between the pad and the disc, if you still good brake pedal and the car pulls up nice and straight thia is more likely to be the problem, hose down the wheels DO NOT APPLY OIL
If the car does not have good brake pedal or pulls to the left or the right when braking  take your car straight to the shop for repairs, it is dangerous to drive.
Grinding noise means no pad left, tow your car to the shop
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Squeaky brakes are some time that they are getting close to be changed or they don't have the grease on the the back of the pads could be a bent rotor or bad drum
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Brakes will squeak for a number of reasons.  

Moisture, rain....ect

A rock or dirt caught in the brakes

Or a brake pad that has worn down too far....there is a metal clip that will be touching the drum when brakes are applied and the brake pads are wore out.  The brake pads will not squeak when they are like new if applied correctly and not warped.
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If your car is making noise or you hear weird sound when you apply breaks then you should not avoid this problem. Because this problem can lead to accident. So it's better to get regular car service or get your car's break inspected from the best mechanic Winnipeg. You can also follow some basic car break maintenance tips to save your self from this problem. And to get best car break service please visit at best brake shops Winnipeg.

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Cars are made with what are called squeakers in the breaks. It is designed to let you know that the breaks are worn and need to be changed.
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All vehicles' breaks are squeaking after a certain while. Not just cars, but bicycles as well. You need to give your car for servicing for a complete check up. To stop your car breaks from squeaking, apply some oil to the brakes. The oil will smooth out the brakes. Also check your break oil level. If the break oil level is low, the breaks will squeak and will not break faster. Use brake pads which claim to be quiet. Other reasons why your breaks squeal are missing springs, loose fittings and immense amount of heat to the brake area. It is also recommended to use disc brakes than drum breaks for a better breaking experience.

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