Front Brakes On My Ford Escort Van Are Slow To Release After Braking.Both Calipers Have Been Replaced,any Ideas?


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IT could be that your both front brake hoses are collapsed. You can't tell by looking at them. You will need an assistant to step on the brake and then release it while you open the bleeder and see if there is pressure in the system. If so it is either your hoses or the master cylinder
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Could be your master cylinder not releasing, the brake pedal is not coming up all the way.
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Make sure your caliper slides are free the caliper has to float freely
which means since the piston is on inside of rotor when brakes are
applied caliper floats to grab the rotor but also has to float freely to
release properly also make sure the slide pins that hold the brake
pads are not rusted up which means if you push in caliper pistons
the pads should also move freely on the pins usually if something is
wrong the inside pad will be worn thinner than the outside pad if
pads are worn evenly inner to outer on each side replace both front
brake hoses I have seen this before FORD TECHNITION IN OHIO
trust me we deal with a lot of rust due to salt on roads in winter
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It could be 3 things,the master calender is going, or that you are low on fluid. Try the fluid first there maybe air in the system your brakes may need to be bled

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