What Causes A Car To Skid?


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A car is most likely to skid if it is being driven too fast for the road conditions and then the driver is forced to alter either the direction of travel or the speed abruptly. This will result in a sudden redistribution of the car's weight (it may well be thrown forward or to one side). As a result the weight is lifted from some of the tyres to such an extent that they lose contact with the surface of the road. Tyres will also lose some of their grip if the wheels actually lock during hard braking or if you suddenly accelerate very quickly, particularly when starting from a stationary position.
This is why skids tend to occur when someone is going round a corner too fast, or in icy conditions, sudden braking can cause a skid. In wet conditions, applying the brakes very sharply can often cause a car to skid. This is one of the major problems on motorways when it is raining, cars skid and then a bump occurs, then traffic chaos ensues!
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Lack of traction. Simple answer, eh?

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