What causes tractor trailer brakes to lock up in winter?


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It also happens when the air pressure drops causing the safety lock to pop that hold back the emergency brake system.that or you have a air leak between the tractor and trailer or you do not have enough(governor is not working or set properly) air pressure from the system to hold back the s cam preventing the emergency brake system from coming into effect. In other words the air keep the brakes from locking up as long as the air pressure is at the level/psi to do so.when you lose pressure the brakes apply automatically. Unless you ahve porr;y maintained brakes on each wheel then you may actually need new pads or to adjust the tension/pressure on the pads.just like adjusting brakes shoes on older model cars.just some of my opinions/ideas.
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At least this is what they told us in class to check when i took my cdl training a few years ago.of course i have never had to repair a semi's brake system so i can only tell you what i know. Later . : )
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At ten below zero there could have been ice in the glad hands that attach the semi trailer brakes to the tractor. It moves through the system and eventually collects in the line elsewhere. Once the lines are blocked the loss in pressure causes the brakes to be applied. The lines collect ice and that is the way it is sometimes

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