Why Does My Car Squeal When I Accelerate?


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Squealing is caused when two parts are moving at different speeds but touching each other.  So, if it's when you start to pull away it is most probably one of 3 things; loose fan belt (but may squeal any time, not just under acceleration), brake pad/shoe locking up, or clutch (unusual these days but possible with older model cars).

Most commonly it's the fan belt slightly loose or worn.  If you rev the engine with the clutch down a few times and it stops, probably this.  If it seems to be coming from one corner of the car and the engine is heating up faster than usual in traffic, could be a sticky brake.  If it's been happening for a while, it probably won't be the clutch ;-)

I really don't want to sound patronising, but if you're asking the question here you probably don't know enough to repair it yourself if it's the last 2.  A fan belt is a relatively easy job with a workshop manual to hand, but if you're a beginner it might be wise to go to a local mechanic.  If you're interested in learning, some of them may let you get in amongst the action and let you watch them do the job. If money is tight, ask around at the local car spares shop, they often know people who will do it a bit cheaper.

Good luck!
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My thing is that my belt was JUST replaced and did not make any noise, just started to and it's been about a month so I don't think it's loose, but I also am having problems with brakes becoming stiff, and gears not catching all the time now (feels like a little earthquake under the car)
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Need to check belt tension
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I have had the same problem for months. Had my brakes replaced and was cheated on rotors. They resurfaced them when I declined new ones and that apparently messed them up and they said I couldnt take the car and needed new rotors. Anyway this didnt fix the noise. It lasts a minute or two when the car starts, seems to come from the right front tire area which is near some belts, and gets louder as I accelerate but tapers off when not pushing the gas. My belts were replaced about 20k miles ago at 75k. Id say this problem has been at least 4 months.
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This happens with my family car also; I think it's because of the heat. Something inside of the car gets so hot in the scorching weather when the engine heats up to make the car move (when you press on the gas petal) I guess it gets too hot.
I don't know this for sure but it's the best answer I can put together. It only makes sense and I sorta believe it, since the family car only squeals if it hasn't been parked in the shade.

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