My Front End Of My Car Squeaks It Is A 1996 Lincoln Town Car, Can You Help?


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When it squeaks, is it while the car is rolling or is it suspension related?  If rolling only, it could be either the front wheel bearings, or, the brake pads rubbing on the rotor.  In either case, it should be looked into by you or your mechanic.  If it is suspension related, it is probably the sway bar and bushings.  In the winter, the rubber bushings get very hard from the cold and they contract from the temperature.  Add in a little salt from the road, and rust will form on the shiny part of the sway bar that is encased by the bushings. A squeak could be the result of this.  A little silicone spray on the rubber bushings of the front and rear suspension might very well quiet it down.  Good luck!
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They all squeak and creak especially on a hard turn in either direction. I have a 96 and a 99---they both do it. I worried about it starting in 1999 when I got the 96---don't worry about it anymore.
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The squeaking is actually the bushing at the top of the a-frame. Both my truck and car do the same thing. I have taken both my Ford F-150 and Lincoln Executive Series to the dealer. The best way to treat it is to have a mechanic loosen the bolt holding the bushings and inject lithium grease onto it. Since doing that, neither vehicle squeaks. Keep in mind that Ford vehicles are known for that.

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