Every Time I Step On The Gas Pedal, I Hear A Clicking Or Rattling Sound Coming From The Front Of The Car. What Should I Do?


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Mark Henderson answered
This noise could be caused by a few problems with your engine or your accelerator, so your best bet would be to get the vehicle seen by a specialist, who may be able to get a better idea of what is wrong with your car.

But from my experience, the noise you describe sounds as if your car's engine is suffering from what is known as engine knocking.

Clicking noise from the engine of the car?
Engine knocking:
  • The rattling or clicking noise is caused when the combustion of the fuel and air mixture does not detonate at the optimum point during the piston's cycle.
  • Most of the mixture is most probably being sparked at the correct time, but a few small pockets of air and fuel could still be igniting at the wrong time.
  • This can cause the piston to be slightly depressed, or to not rise smoothly as it comes up to compress the mixture.
  • This problem in the cylinder can have dire effects on the engine. It can cause the engine to run out of its optimum timing cycle and it can badly damage the piston heads. Eventually it will lead to the complete malfunction of the engine.

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