What's Wrong With My Car If It Turns Over But Doesnt Start?


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Hi. Thought writing a simple equation may help you out.. Your question is one of the most vast questions in mechanics so the bare basics a vehicle ALWAYS needs is only 3 things to work to start as a beginning to start your search ( 1 ) Fuel to the engine ( 2 ) Free passage of air to the engine ( 3 ) Ignition / Spark to get it started... May have a long expired fuel filter / clogged and too little fuel getting by.... Check if air cleaner is clogged but this is a rare case.... Spark plugs may be too old and fouled out... If it has an ignition distributor cap, the cap may be too old and need a new cap to get spark plugs to fire properly... May have loss of compression and engine cannot create power with the rings worn out on pistons, have compression testers that use the spark plug holes to check compression.. Here a few ideaz.. Hope this may help you.. Good luck detective.
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Sounds like a broken timming belt!
Now if it tried to start "kicked over then dead" one or twice I would go with the Fuel pump.
Fuel filters will let the car start but not accelerate so I don't think it's that!
And I have never seen clogged passage of air to the engine "air cleaner".

But if it's an older ford one of the first Fuel injection models, 85-93?
The had a real Bad system called TFI "thick film Ignition" connector on distribute
They just stop working most of the time after getting wet!
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My 2001 chevrolet blazer turns over but doesn't start. I can here the fuel pump run what could be wrong with it if it's not my fuel pump?
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My car is a mazda milliena 97 it cuts off when I'm driving or just sitting in one place and when I try to start it back up it turns over but it doesn't  connect right away. Someone help me please
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If you  tried to start the engine with the plug wires off, it probably filled two of the cylinders with fuel. Which would cause the engine to flood with gas.
I am assuming that you reconnected the plugs and you immediately tried to start the engine.
If that is the case, you would just have to let it sit for a while to allow the fuel to drain from the cylinders and back into the crankcase. If it will start now, I would change the oil to get the gas out of the crankcase. Gas is not a lubricant.
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I have a 1992 Lincoln Mark VII, and half the time it runs great, the other half it Feels kind of bogged down and quits when I slow down or stop, I just changed the fuel filter and she was running great for about a week then again quit today on the way to work...I don't know where to start?

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