My Alfa 156 Will Not Start But Turns Over. What's Wrong With It?


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Taylor Edgar answered
Could be a million and one things to be honest.

If you have a spare car battery, or can borrow one, fit that and try starting your car. If it is just a weak battery, then a fresh one might solve the problem.

Check the battery terminals are clean and the connections are secure. Inspect the battery leads for any sign of damage or corrosion.

After that, test that you are getting a spark at the plugs. Disconnect a spark plug lead, ensure it is dry and while an assistant tries the ignition, check for a strong spark when you touch the end of the terminal onto the engine block. If you can't see a spark, the fault is with the coil. Check the wiring on the coil is secure and not damaged.

Next, remove the distributor cap and ensure it is dry inside and that the terminal are clean and not overly pitted.

Finally, check to see if the fuel pump has blown its fuse.

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