I'm Having Trouble Starting My Nissan Terrano 2.7td 1999. It Fires Over And Over But Will Not Start. It's Done This Before But Usually Starts After A Few Tries. What Is Wrong?


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This TD is usually very reliable.
It sounds like this has been a slow degeneration (it's happened before and you've been luck it has finally started)
The one thing a diesel does need is heat to get it to start, If the vehicle is cold, that heat is provided by glowplugs, and these glowplugs stay on until the temperature of the engine reaches 50C.
I would check that the glowplugs are working, and not just that the glowplug light illuminates and goes off.
If you know what you are doing, you can jumper from the battery hot terminal to the glowplug rail for 10 seconds, and then try starting.
If it goes, you know the glowplug relay is toast.
If it doesn't go, then one or more glowplugs are toast.
If the glowplugs work, then you should look at fuel delivery to the injectors.Start with a new fuel filter.
Hope this helps
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You need fuel, compression and ignition to start an engine.
Considering the history that you have given , would assume that you have compression.
The fuel may not be getting ignited.
If it's not getting fuel to the engine, something as simple as a clogged fuel filter, could be the problem.
 If you don't have fuel going to the engine, possibly could be the fuel pump is bad, clogged fuel filter, or the fuel injectors may be clogged.
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I wasn't thinking about it being a diesel. Thank you for catching that for me. My husband usually helps me answer the automobile questions, but he was out back firing up the grill.
Yes, you are absolutely right. A turbo-diesel does require speed and longer cranking period, but the use of starting fluid has been discouraged on the newer diesel motors for the last several years.
I edited my answer to accommodate the diesel engine. Thanks again and ( Welcome to Blurtit ).
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I am having similar problems on my ford maverick , changed the fuel filter and fuel lines are ok. had into 3 garagesso far and not found the problem, could it be electrical?
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What year is your Ford Maverick Sally Eagle? Can you tell me exactly what it is doing?
Is it turning over and not cranking or just clicking when you turn the ignition switch?

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