Where Can I Find Free Mercury Outboard Repair Manuals?


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You can purchase Mercury Outboard repair manuals on this website: You could also have a look through the following website for guidance:
If you are experiencing problems with your outboard they can be easily resolved. When your engine stops running smoothly look into the ignition, compression and fuel system. However, if the outboard doesn’t start then you should consider checking the fuel lines. In addition if you notice steam coming from the exhaust then the engine is overheating, which could be caused by a blockage of water or a faulty water pump.

Problems with the ignition could cause broken or damaged wires and the engine may not start properly. In this instance you should check the stator triggers and power packs as well as testing the batteries and connections. If you think you have a compression problem then you should check the rings, pistons and cylinders because there’s a chance one of them is damaged.
To test this all you need to do is carry out a leak-down test and it will identify if there is an internal problem. If you have checked the ignition and the compression, then it is likely that the problem lies with the fuel system. This could be due to a damaged carburettor or a weak fuel pump. Also, you should consider looking to see if the fuel line connections have loosened up.

You may need to check the cooling system if the engine starts to overheat, followed by the termination of the power head. Once you’ve checked the cooling system and it presents a problem, you should replace the water pump; remember to replace the water pump every two years when you decide to winterize.
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The public library has a hole section of repair manuals from cars trucks and out board motors.

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