How Would I Write A Letter Saying I'm Selling My Car To A Specific Person To Attach With The Title?


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I would keep it simple, saying I ______ am selling a 19__ whatever make it is , with ______miles on it, VIN______ to ______ on todays date.  I am selling the car for ______the car is being sold as is. 
your name.
I would keep copies of the sale letter and a photo copy of the title just in case something happens later on.
Good Luck.
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I, (your name) of (address) hereby agree to sell my X car Registration No. X to  Mr X of (address) for the sum of X payable on X
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NAME: ------
ADDRESS: ------

MAKE:  ------
MODEL: ------
YEAR: ------
MILEAGE (At Date of Sale): ------
NAME: ------
NIC Number:

I hereby acknowledge the purchase and delivery of the above mention vehicle to me, which is sold "AS IT IS” on ------. The original file for the vehicle is received by me.

Buyer's Signature: ______ Date: ------
                                                                            Time: ------
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How To Write  Letter Of Selling My Tree wheel To Another Person
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It appears as though all that you need to do is to write a basic cover letter in which you confirm that you agree to sell a vehicle to a specific individual. This letter will normally serve as a legally-binding document. Start off by clearly articulating your willingness to sell and include the buyer's full name and home address (if available) in the letter. Also be sure to indicate the car's make, year and if you are selling it "as is." You should also mention when you are willing or able to complete the transaction and be sure to include your own contact information in the letter.
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I would also have the letter notarized, because the buyer and seller both will have to produce identification and two witnesses to the transaction.
If any problems arise later on, a notarized bill of sale is much better.
Make sure that you keep a copy for your records also.
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Today .date year.

Me mr... Id no... I am selling my car eg, ford escort mk6 reg no.....,vin mr/s... Id no...for the price of...euros.
The car is being sold tele quale.

Seller signature                            buyer  signature
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Geography plays
an important role and there are a few cars in India which have got a higher
value than others. This is mainly because of the road conditions in India. The
Mahindra Scorpio/Bolero, the Maruti Suzuki Swift, Honda Amaze, Maruti Suzuki Alto and a few others like this are favorites among Indians and therefore have
a higher value. The manufacturer
company also has a major role to play. A few of the companies have a higher
resale value for their cars.

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You do not need to write a letter, simply fill out the form on the pink slip, detach it and send it to the Department of Motor vehicles.
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You should fill in the proper official form and send it off and the new owner the other part.
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Just make a receipt with date sold, car details and VIN number, to whom sold and for how much but usually all it takes is signing back of title over to whom you sold the car to

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