How Can I Check Who Owns A Vehicle?


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Before the DVLA will let you check to see who owns a car, you must first prove that you have good reason to know.  Things such as the car being parked on your land, your car being in another person’s name or if you are making a claim on their insurance will help.  If you are just being nosey however, you will not be able to access the information.  The information on a car’s owner is protected by the Data Protection Act of 1998 which prohibits freely handing out a person’s personal information.  Breaking this law can result in a fine and/or imprisonment.

If you do have a reasonable claim:

Contact the DVLA and tell them about your situation.  They are the only people who will grant you the information.

You will need to provide your name, date of birth, address and possibly your National insurance number and you will also need to know the registration number of the vehicle.

They will assess whether or not your reason for wanting to know this information is justified and if it is, you will be given the information.

You may also wish to contact the police as they will have the access to the DVLA’s files that you don’t.

Failing that, you could hire a private investigator.  They won’t come cheap, but they will tell you upfront if they can complete the job or not.

Unfortunately accessing information such as this is always tangled in red tape and bureaucracy.  The process can be time-consuming and frustrating as you may be forced to speak to several different people and answer the same question several times.  The DVLA adhere to the strictest guidelines of the Data Protection Act and as a government initiative, they will not bend on that.
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You can trace the vehicle and its owner with the help of the registration number of a vehicle. You can also use the help of the police and the authorities to trace the owner of a particular vehicle. Private detectives can also serve the same purpose but then you would have to pay for their services but you do not have to pay the police. Then there are many organizations which specialize in tracing owners of vehicles and you can also use their help in your venture.

You can also contact such organizations online very easily and thus avoid the trouble and effort of going personally to the office of these organizations and escape identity. One such site that you can use for your purpose is This site offers you the opportunity and the facility to trace the owner of any vehicle provided that you are able to supply at least some basic information about the vehicle that you are trying to trace. They also offer 100% credibility and confidentiality in this issue.
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The vehicles reg ist311eaf
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Contact the Department of Motor Vehicle, they will put your through to the Public Disclosure area. Provide them your VIN number. I.e. Vehicle identification number. VIN determines which/when/whom maintenance work was performed on the car. They will tell you the previous owner of the care.

Hope this helps
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I am recieveing letter from the courts saying I have a un paid penalty charge of the vehicle M564DGN I am not the owner of this car and never have been or ever have owned a car I need to find out who this person is and where he lives if posible because he is using are adress
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I have just come to tax my vehicle on line as I always do, but this time wouldnt go through, after ringing DVLA they told me that I had registered car in someone elses name, well I definatley have not, now I can't tax my car and weirdly my log book has disapeared, does anyone know how I can check whos name the car is registered in.
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Contact the DMV and have a tag # that should be no problem with the description of the car,yr,make,model,color etc....
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Go to the licensing and give them the plate # they should be able to tell you. Also you can do a title search at the licensing or a car fax with the vin # it will tell you how many people the car has had own it..
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I am looking  for the owner of a vehicle  of green car with the license plate with 714lxf  could you please let me know this .
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Depends on where you live. Your country,state etc. Just search in google if there's any such directories available. If you have the VIN number, you can either go to the Motor Vehicle Dept. Or you could search online for VIN decoders.

Here's a quote from wikianswers.

" Answer
You can go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and fill out a form to find the last person who titled the car.

Although it's true in a general sense that you can walk into a motor
vehicle agency and get information regarding the owner of a vehicle if
you have the VIN, there are some specificis. I'm quoting Oklahoma law
here, but it's similar in most states and even more restricted in
You have to have some reason for having the information. If you
are a wrecker service and need it to notify the owner that their
vehicle has been impounded, you must include your business license and
DOT number. If you are the registered owner, you can get it. If you are
acting on behalf of the RO and have their signed and notarized
statement giving you permission, you can get it. If you are a court, or
law enforcement you can get it. If you are a creditor you *might* get
some limited information, ditto if you are an insurance company, unless
you have a signed and notarized statement from the RO giving you
permission to get it.

So, yes you can, but only under certain circumstances and you show a need for the information.
You can also find out the cars complete history and previous
owners if you do a carfax on the car, it will cost you $25 and all you
need is the vin#. Carfax will NOT give out previous owners name or
address! "
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Ask Neighbors in Vehicles vicinity.
DMV is not permitted to release personal information pertaining to License, or Registration, under any circumstance, with exception to Insurance Companies, or Police Agencies.
If this is a Nuisance Vehicle (Abandonded, Parked on Sidewalk), or involved in an Accident, contact your Local Police Agency.
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I have been summoned to court over a car I sold to a guy can't find reciept or his details to prove it and he didnt notify the secretary of state
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This is not that difficult a job if you are willing to do some running around work. To find out the owner of a car is not that hard a job really, all you have to do is get the car's licence plate number and go over to the local police station and ask them to find out. They will give you the information about the driver if you have a valid reason. But if your reason is not that important then they will refuse to provide you with the information.

Another thing you could do is go over to the driver and vehicle licensing agency office and ask them about the driver's information. They will look through their files and provide you with the information that you need. But they will only help you if they think your reason behind finding the car's owner is a good and important one.
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Can a person get a report on a car without paying car fax or auto check.   They say they are free but all they do is say there is so many reports about your car and then want to charge a fee of at least 29.95.   I can't afford this but I need to get clear title to a car, but it has a bank lien on it and I can't find out where.
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I want to find out the names that were on the previous owner of a vehicle I bought in April.  I can't find any paperwork indicating who the legal owner was.

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