How Do I Fix A Squeaky Fan Belt?


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You, don't listen to Elsa, that is the most retarded thing I have ever heard for one acceptable reason that any average Joe can understand:  that doesn't fix the problem, it just covers up the noise.Soap, really?  You think that's what they do in a shop?The belt is loose.  Tighten the tensioners (the pully systems that are just in place but not running anything, their purpose is to change the tension of the belt), or replace the belt.  The squeaking sound is the pulleys turning too fast for the belt to grab on, and thus it squeaks as the metal turns against the rubber belt.
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Soap worked good for me. Always jab probs with the bloody belts squealing. The car is a 2005 model and every time I get it serviced  I ask the mechanic to have a look at it and it always comes back so I went a new mechanic and the prick lubed it with some thing and made worse than ever, the thing wos screaming so I put a little soap on it and sweet no noise. After a lot of rain just put a bit more on. Have tried replacing belt as well only lasted a couple of months before if started squealing to.
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I replace my timing belts on my car which is a honda crv bulit in 2000 about 4 months ago and when I do a cold start I get a real quick squeak any quick suggestions?
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If you have a squeaky fan belt, your first step should always be to first identify which particular belt is making all the noise. If your car squeaks right after you start it but just before you touch your steering wheel then it is likely that it is your alternator belt that is giving you trouble. However if the noise happens after you have turned the steering wheel then it's probably your power steering belt that's to blame for the noise. Some cars however only have one wide belt or the serpentine belt so this would be the one to tackle.

When the motor is off press down hard upon the belt, there should be enough pressure to depress the belt an inch. If this doesn't work and your belt needs to be tightened further then its best that you change your belt.

Try rubbing some barsoap on the inner surface and sides on the full length of the fan belt. If you're dealing with a serpentine belt then you only need to rub the inner surface.

Lastly start your motor. If the noise has stopped then you've successfully dealt with the problem. However, if the squeaks persist then try rubbing some more soap on the belt.
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I agree with the information with older cars. However, newer cars may have only a serpentine and AC power steering belt....incorporated with the serpentine on newer cars. Most likely it will be the AC belt. Depending on age of the belt and your mechanical ability, identify the nut or bolt locking the adjustment and loosen it. Tighten the belt until no movement occurs when pushing on the belt. Re tighten the lock nut or bolt. Also, before attempting, you can also take your finger and lift between pulleys. If the belt moves more than 1/4 in it needs tightening. If worn, follow procedure given, but replace the belt.

Sometimes the tensioner pulley bearing is weak or the spring. You may have to identify it and replace it instead of a belt. Belt test can be done by spraying a short burst on one belt to see if the noise stops, if not do the other. Be careful not to use too much lubricant on can shorten the life span.
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You can buy belt dressing that will help with the noise or replace the belt or make sure it is tightened right not to loss or to tight

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