How Do You Install Trailer Lights On A Truck?


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To install trailer lights on a truck, you need a twelve-volt test light, a heavy-duty twelve-volt flasher, a wire crimper or pliers, a trailer light connector and electrical tape. You must take care when you are wiring the trailer lights onto your truck.

The white wire goes to the tail or parking lights, the yellow wire goes to the right turn signal or stoplight, the green wire goes to the left turn signal or stoplight and the brown wire goes to the common or chassis ground. There is an exception to this rule if your trailer has an amber light. The clip end of the test light is connected to a metal chassis ground which is made of a good clean metal.

The ignition switch is turned on to the on or run position, the right and the left turn signals are then activated. The last wire is connected to the white wire and the harness is then hooked to the trailer connector and the lights are then checked for proper operation.

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