How Do You Open A Locked Car Trunk?


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The easiest way to open a locked car trunk would be to unlock it with your car keys! However if you cannot manage this or you have lost your car keys, then it might require a bit more effort and ingenuity to manage to get your car open. You should only be thinking about trying to open a locked car trunk if the car in question belongs to you. Trying to open someone else's car trunk without their permission would be illegal and is likely to get you into significant trouble with the police.
If you have access to the driver's seat of the car, then check to see if there is a trunk release button located somewhere inside the car. It is often located under the steering wheel or on the main console of the dashboard. If you know that the car has a trunk release button inside but you cannot get inside the car, then it will be easier to prise open the driver's side door and then use the button to open the trunk rather than trying to prise open the trunk first.
As long as you can get into the car, then there should be other ways to get the trunk open from the inside. If the back seats of the car fold down, then you should be able to crawl into the trunk space where there should be a trunk release latch that will release the trunk door from the inside.
If none of these options are possible, then the best course of action is probably to either call a locksmith or a car breakdown service, as professionals are likely to be able to prise the trunk open causing as little damage as possible to the car.
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I have an old truck. I wish to buy a new car but I can;r afford that now. But I know a reliable service that helps me every time I get in such an unpleasant situation. Certified guys from Auto locksmith Tucson come at any time I call any help me with that. They suggested replacing a lock. I think it is a worthy idea, by the way.

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There is a easier way of getting it open without having to have any "know how" get into the truck from the inside of the car behind the seat. This requires you getting into the trunk. Unscrew whatever is in the way of the lock whether it is a peice of plactic or a metal plate. Then you can jsut pull the rod that connects to the lock that will open it.
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For new cars (like mine). Take a car ice scrapper and jam it in the top of the door near the window. Gently lift it and place a blood pressure cuff in the small gap. Pump enough air to gently get the door adjar. Use a long metal rod to pop the inside lock and VOILA your in!
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In order to open a locked car trunk you will need to pick the lock. If you have some know-how about picking locks then this will be a breeze but if you don't then why not go to the garage and explain the situation to them and I'm sure they will be able to open your trunk for you. The garage may even fix a brand new lock for you.

Another alternative is to open the lock all by yourself. You can try jiggling a hairpin in it or for an advanced lock you will need a tension wrench and a pick. How you proceed from there on I'm afraid is relative to the lock your trunk has. Your lock picking technique will vary depending on whether it's a pin and tumbler lock and so on.
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My car is mercedes e240 and my trunk is locked .. It ain't open with key even so how can I open it ..
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Look in the phone book for your nearest towtruck company. They hold abandoned vehicle auctions and often JIGGLERS (lock smiths) frequent them for bread and butter work. Often they will cut keys for about 15 bucks(since they do about 20 that day.

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