My Engine Stops Running While The Car Is Running. What Could Cause This?


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My 1994 firebird turns over but don't start... I was driving down the road and the car just shut off... What do you think id wrong??
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I have the same problem with my 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix LE, 3.1 liter. It turns over and doesn't start or it takes a few times for it to do so. Most of the time it shuts off while it is idling but it has while it was in motion before. My headlights will stay on and the interior lights, but just the engine will stop running...
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This is difficult to diagnose without seeing the vehicle. And you don't say whether it is a petrol or diesel engine. However, I would guess it is a petrol engine as diesels tend to keep going when you get them started, the following may help pinpoint the problem.

Does the engine just die suddenly? If so, this indicates the fault is on the electrical side of things. If the engine splutters, tries to keep going and then dies, it is indicative of a fuel problem.

Have you noticed also if the engine cuts out only when starting from cold and the problem disappears when the engine is up to normal running temperature? Or is the fault more intermittent than that.

Any further thoughts on the matter and its probable cause would in reality be shots in the dark. The best course of action is to take a note of the symptoms as suggested above and take your car along to a reputable garage. Most modern cars can now be hooked up to diagnostic computers in a garage and any problems quickly detected.
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The same problem happens with my vehicle.But it does not happen after the engine is hot(after some amount of driving).It happens if i dont take the vehicle out for a few days(its cold here,around 11 degrees in the nite)

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1992 mercedes 300E gas engine. Engine stops running or dies out when running for about one min. It runs find doing this time after started. I replaced the fuel filter.
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A car like any other automobile is a very complicated peace of machinery which has to be handled with care and maintained properly to ensure that it functions properly. There might be several causes as to why the engine goes dead while running. One of the reasons might be that the engine might be over worked and hence has become incapable of over exerting itself. In such cases it is better to change the faulty engine.

It may also be due to a loose or faulty electrical connection in the ignition circuit or may be caused as a result of vacuum leak at the carburettor, throttle body or inlet manifold. It can also be caused as result of fuel injection system fault. Thus the best way to determine and solve the problem in your car would be to have it examined by an expert on the mechanisms and find out the exact nature of the problem as well as the ways to stop them from recurring. It is better to take this step at the earliest because if the engine goes dead halfway then it increases the chances of accidents.

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