Why Doesn't The Fan Turn On My '92 Ford Escort When The Engine Is Running?


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Your fan temp sensor is most likely bad.
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It is an electric fan designed to come on at a certain temperature and shut off when it reaches the set temperature.
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Here's another test you can do: once the engine is warm, the radiator should also be warm. If not, then there is no coolant running through the system even though the radiator is full. Which is, of course, bad as the engine does not get cooled.
Carefully, place your hand on top of the radiator to make sure it is hot.
Now, put your hand on the bottom of the radiator. If it is cold, then the thermic
valve is not opening and needs replacement.
Will need to flush the radiator too.
If it is also hot, then the temperature sensor may not be working properly.
Then you still need to make sure the fan motor is good.
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As long as the car is not running to hot, the senser that tells the electric fan to come on and off is probaly not working correctly and would need to be replaced.

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