Where Is The Low Side Airconditioning Recharge Port On A 1992 E350 Van?


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Finding the low side air conditioner port on a 1992 Ford E350 van is not initially obvious when you first open the hood. Indeed, it is strongly advised that unless you have a rudimentary knowledge of the engine and other inner workings of the vehicle, or do not have an in depth knowledge of how to recharge your air conditioning unit, then you should seek the advice of someone who does before attempting any repair or improvement to the system.

Locating the recharge port is not something you can do initially by sight. You need to open the hood and ensure it is locked safely in place before commencing your search. As this is also a potentially messy operation, latex gloves can be beneficial, especially if you are unable to wash your hands immediately following this advice.

  • To find the low side air conditioning recharge port, you first need to locate the compressor. It is a cylindrical shaped object located in front of the main part of the engine.
  • Once you have located the compressor, you need to look for a pipe that runs from the compressor up over the engine towards the passenger side of the vehicle.
  • The valve is situated on this pipe and is often pointed towards the side of the vehicle, rather than the front, which can make it particularly difficult to identify by sight alone.
  • To locate the valve, run your hand along the pipe until you can feel the valve protruding.
  • To confirm that you have the correct pipe and valve, the other end of the pipe should be attached to the air conditioning dryer on the passenger side in the front fender well.
It is important not to try this after the engine has been running as it is easily possible to burn yourself on hot engine parts in the process.

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