How To Change Fuel Filter For 96 Pontiac Grand Am?


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You need to jack up the rear end of your car, and look underneath. There should be a small silver cylinder in front of your gas tank. That is the fuel filter. To release the pressure in the fuel lines, open the hood of your car. On the left side in the middle top area of your fuel rails (looks like silver lines on top of your engine) there will be a little pressure release that looks like the part of a bike tire that you put air into. Press it with a screw driver, but BE CAREFUL! There is gas in there and it might spray out at you. That part is a little messy. Now you are all set to change the filter.
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Do I release the pressure by the screw or by taking out the fuse or will both do the trick ? Before I go ahead with the job
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Its sputtering like it does not want to go and when I press the gas pedal, then it does not want to go up a hill.... I have power but not going up a hill.....I have looked on the Internet and so far I gather that its the fuel pump, and I have the new one, but am not sure how to change it....I can take it to auto zone, but figured I would check here first.;...
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Ok, my car was having a very hard time with acceleration. Same car model. Would press the gas pedal and it would shake and seemed like it was gonna quit at any time. The part you rent from Auto Zone, may not read what the problem is since it has an older computer in your car. What I did and it made such a huge difference. I replaced the spark plugs and the spark plug boots. The boot is the part that sits on top of your spark plug. No more shaking and drives faster then ever.
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Need more information.
Why do you think you need a new fuel filter?
Do you have a check engine light on?
What is your automobile doing?
If you have a check engine light on, have it scanned before you do anything. AutoZone will probably run the scan for free and tell you what the codes that come up are for. Then go from there.
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I have a 96 v6 grand am and it wont start on first try has check engine light on and takes about 8 trys when cold to start and then if shut down and  try to restart takes over 20 times to start it. Replace plugs and spark plugs, new starter and don't know what to do.
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Like I said for eight times now, if you don't know those facts about your car, either go the dealer you got it from or the STS lot. I know either of the two would help you out the most.
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I got the same car, and I 'm not sure of how often the fuel filter must be changed, as I know is part of the annual tuneup, isn't it?

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