Toyota Celica Spark Plug Gaps. What The Spark Plug Gaps Should Be Set At?


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Different websites provide conflicting answers, but the general consensus for spark plug gaps in the Toyota Celica is 0.35. This is verified in the instructional manual from the car company, which also recommends that you use spark plugs made out of iridium for added durability and safety. Not only does it add to 'smooth driveability,' but tests have shown that this metal is eight times stronger than platinum - something of an achievement when you think about it!

This metal is widely becoming the best choice for spark plug gaps, especially as the technology becomes available for this component to be made on a mass scale. Even though platinum technically does have all of the attributes that are needed to make a good fine wire plug - such as an extremely high melting point - it's agreed that iridium does the job far better. When compared in Fahrenheit, platinum begins to melt at 3,261 degrees F. If you thought that was hot, wait until you hear about the melting point of iridium: A staggering 4,449.2 degrees F. That's well over a third more.

Of course, if you are going to be making any decisions about your spark plug gaps soon, the best thing to do is to talk to a mechanic who will be able to point you in the right direction. There are specialists in Toyota Celicas too, and even though all mechanics will be able to point you in the right direction for good spark plugs, only those who have a working knowledge of the car will know how to maximize performance with the best components.
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It is a gap of .035 and here is a site with more info:
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2000 toyota  celica what is the spark plug gaps setting?

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