Where Is The A/c Low Pressure Port In A 97 Dodge Caravan?


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It is in the engine compartment close to the firewall, above and to the left of the high charge port.

  • Online Information for 97 Dodge
According to information we found online the low pressure port for the A/C unit in a '97 Dodge Caravan is in the engine compartment near the firewall where the unit goes through the firewall. As you may know some of the A/C unit is inside the car. The hoses and ports are in the engine compartment. You will need to look above and to the left of the high charge port and where you fill the Freon.

  • Dodge Caravan Manual
Most vehicles do not come with an in depth manual. It means you have to go out and buy a good mechanics manual if you want to do your own work on a vehicle. The information provided here is what has been found online. We cannot say that it is accurate, but just what someone else has suggested as the answer. Given that it is not a professional answer, your next best move is to examine a Dodge Caravan manual for the '97.

  • Asking an Expert
Most of the time, it is really a better option to ask an expert meaning that you should ask a mechanic where the A/C low pressure port on the Dodge Caravan is. They will have the professional knowledge to tell you exactly where the port is located. Some mechanics may even be willing to show you where it is free of charge. It usually takes being on good terms with a mechanic.

As a last resort you could try using Google images or similar online portals to find an image of the A/C unit in a '97 Dodge Caravan and see if you can find the port.

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William Grissom answered
Depends on what engine.  I have a 1996 2.4L.  Regardless, it will be the one on the larger hose that runs from the firewall to the AC compressor.

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