How Much To Replace A Bmw 525i Battery?


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BMW cars are one of the most sought after vehicles due to their elegance and powerful engines. In order to find out the true cost of a replacement battery for this series you might need to go and search for a Group 49 battery.
One such product is the Duralast 49-DL from Autozone, which is $90 but there are other alternatives out there on the market including an Everstart Maxx 49 for $75, which you can purchase from Wal-Mart outlets.
These batteries are slightly bigger in size and have higher specs than the OEM batteries. These normally come with a three-year replacement warranty, nine year prorated without a problem.
You can also purchase a range of replacement batteries at both the Autozone and Walmart stores who also have something called group 94 batteries but these tend to be more expensive but also have lower specs and are physically much smaller in size.
On the other hand the OEM battery has no specs written on it, except the reserve capacity which is listed at 205. The Everstart Maxx has a reserve capacity of around 155 but the best bet is to ask for information from a mechanic or car specialist.
There might be other batteries out there on the market but they will be cost you much more and if you want value for money then you should do the necessary research and make sure it has the physical dimensions to fit the vehicle.
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We have a 1990 525 BMW and we now want to buy one that is recommended for that car, instead of going to Sears or Walmart? What are we looking for from BMW?

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