Decode The Vin Numbers On A 1940's Ford Pick-up Truck?


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To decode the VIN (vehicle identification numbers) on a 1940`s Ford pickup truck, you must examine the number and group different parts of the number into three separate categories; Here are the categories for 1940 (other years can be accessed online by looking for VIN decoder for specific makes and models of Ford trucks):

VIN Information For A 1940 Ford Truck

• Make & Engine - Ford V8 - 60hp, Ford V8 - 85hp - The VIN should have one of these designations as part of the VIN (vehicle identification number). Look at your alpha-numerical code and you will discover how may horsepower your Ford pickup truck has, as well as what type of engine it is. In 1940, Ford trucks features powerful V8 engines, with less overall horsepower than you will find on today`s technologically-advanced models.
• Passenger Car Model - The next grouping of VIN digits should include one of the following numbers: 022A, 01A,09A, or 06H. These number indicate the passenger car model for Ford pickup trucks from 1940. Knowing this information will help to you find out more details about your particular model of Ford truck - this can be helpful when you`re searching for used parts and old owner`s manuals.
• Serial Numbers - The next part of the serial number is a numerical code that may also feature a letter. Search your vehicle identification number to see if you have a match with any of the following serial number codes: 54-0, 506, 501,18-5,210,701, 18-5,896,294, 99A-101,701, 99A-257,100, H-85,641 to H-107 or 687.

Once you have all of the information you need for a 1940 Ford pickup truck, based on decoding the VIN, you can become more knowledgeable regarding your vehicle`s engine, parts, and chassis. Ford made plenty of classic cars and trucks from this period, so it`s really helpful to narrow down your make and model before buying parts or choosing another classic pickup truck for your collection.
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