Where Is The Low Side Ac On A Pt Cruiser?


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There should be two ports on the low side of the Chrysler PT Cruiser that are connected to the air conditioning. These are the two ports that should be used if you are trying to recharge the AC on your car. These two ports are the suction port and the discharge port.

  • Connect the hose to the suction port

If you are looking to use a recharge kit with hose, then you will want to put the hose into the suction port. This port should have a large diameter than the discharge port. However - if you still cannot tell them apart through this then there is something else that you can do.

Turn on air conditioning in your vehicle and hold your hand over each of the two ports individually. Whichever one is colder should be the suction port and therefore the port that you should use your recharge kit with.

However - there should still be a user guide or car manual that comes with the car. You should be looking to consult this document for further information about the mechanics of the car. This is not only for the health of the car but for your own personal safety also.

  • Get the advice of an expert

Alternatively, you should take the car to a garage and consult a professional mechanic on the whereabouts of the low side port that you are trying to locate. This way they can give you an adequate explanation and physical show you were the port is located on the vehicle. This may come at a price but at least this way you will know for sure what it is you are inquiring about.

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