What The Symbol That Is Mostly On Car Dummies Called?(picture Given)


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Okay I looked and looked for the  markings. The only reference I could find is they are usually grease paint/paint put on certain parts of the dummies body for tracking impact zones  in the crash and are called vector points when used on the head area because they use them in video to go frame by frame to see where and what point they impact the vehicle when thrown forward or side to side. All I can tell you is I typed in crash test dummies and several sites came up along with something about a music group of all things. I think the site was on the second page of the sites listed.hope this helps answer part of your question. Later
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I found a similar site that agrees with nomad1. It appears that
Volvo and GM are leaders in car crash testing. Crash dummies
can live a long time but need a lot of surgery after a test. It is
a lot cheaper to repair them than to replace them as they cost
$100,000 ea. They live in families, Mom, Dad, Baby, big Brother
and some times their fat Uncle goes along for the ride.  Yellow-and-black adhesive targets are applied to either side of the dummy's head to serve as reference points when the researchers review the crash test videos in slow-motion after the crash. yellow-and-black adhesive targets or as nomad1 states vector points are correct. Smarty7 Please take these two answers, mine and nomad1 as your answer.
Link:  www.edmunds.com/ownership/safety/articles/105394/article.html
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Hi There!
First of all let us begin with colours, what do they exactly represent or mean? What do they symbolise? And the psychology behind it...
Sounds interesting and it definitely is. Here I shall divided it into two parts and accordingly you may want to visit the applicable link.
a) The sibagraphics of colors and its meaning!
b) The Symbolism and Psychology behind them!


    • For detailed information please visit the following link:-


  • en.wikipedia.org

Now as for the symbol on the dummy:-
This represents and is called a Caution Sign!

Caution signs are used only to warn against potential hazards or to caution against unsafe practices.

Caution signs usually have yellow as the predominating color; black upper panel and borders; yellow lettering of "caution" on the black panel; and the lower yellow panel for additional sign wording. Black lettering shall be used for additional wording.

Standard color of the background is yellow; and the panel, black with yellow letters. Any letters used against the yellow background is always black.

I hope that was the answer you were looking for...
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Yeah, samaritan, wikipedia links and conjecture are not answers here. Smarty, I'm gonna think about your question and try to answer you later.
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Thanks for the comment "Bickle".

As for the answers, I forward my answers with the evidence that is provided on the Internet backed up with links that the viewer may refer back too.

Please be informed that i do not cut, copy and paste it here as i am sure you believe in data theft and copyright laws.

Come to think about it, i still had an answer entered promptly!

hmmm! What say?
close eyes open them
Well, bickle thinks that, but i think that it`s a good answer
I do believe that sign signifies danger!  BLACK AND YELLOW IN THIS PATTERN = DANGER.♥
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close eyes open them
But what is there specific name??
All the signs like this also have ONLY black and yellow colour in them,
close eyes open them
But still is there no single unique name
Our quiz has this question
where we have to give ONLY A NAME
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Hello smarty7
Those markers are called for short BVR as far as I could find which stands for Beacon Vector Routing.
Hope to be of help with this answer

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