Where Is The Cooling Fan Relay On 98 Ford Mustang?


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The cooling fan relay of your 98 Ford Mustang is part of your vehicle's Constant Control Relay Module. On Mustang models of the 1990s, the fan cooling system is typically situated in the right fender well behind the inner splash shield. Simply remove this shield to reach your fan cooling system, where you can find both the low and high speed fan relays.

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Built in the United States, the 1998 Ford Mustang is a two door coupe with a standard 3.8 liter V6 engine. With a torque of 215 lb-ft at 2750 revs per minute and a horsepower rating of 150 at 4000 revs per minute, the Mustang is a classically powerful sports car with a slick and appealing design.

The interior found here is that of a traditional Mustang: Basic, yet with a simplistically classy edge to it. Most models offer standard cassette and CD players in addition to limited air conditioning units. On the outside, the Mustang boasts alloy wheels and a convertible roof for that American feel of nostalgia.

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