How To Reset Check Engine Light Toyota Corolla 2006?


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Having your check engine light on no matter what make and model car you drive is more than a nuisance. It's a sign from your engine that some form of maintenance is needed. And in many states now such as Texas, you cannot get your car inspected with the check engine light on. There is one thing you can do if you need your car inspected now and want to avoid the expense of an auto mechanic in resetting the engine light on your 2006 Toyota Corolla, unplug the battery.

The check engine light alert could be something as simple as a reminder to change your engine oil every 5,000 miles, so having a check engine light come in is not all bad at times. To try and reset the check engine light yourself, disconnect both battery posts for around ten minutes, and then reattached them. If this does not do the job, press and hold in the odometer reset button and then restart the engine.

If neither of these two approaches works, you really have little choice unless you are a mechanic or a family member is. You'll need to take your car into the qualified mechanic's shop or a Toyota dealership to have the problem diagnosed. In most larger shops they have electronic computers that can communicate directly with your car's on-board computer to find out what the problem is in just a few minutes. Having the maintenance taken care of will help your car last longer and you'll have no problems when you take your car in for its annual state inspection.

You have three options if you need to reset the check engine light on your 2006 Toyota Corolla. Two of them do not directly address a potential problem, while the third not only resets the light, it addresses exactly what the problem is.
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Check Engine Light or Main't Needed? If it's Check Engine, take it in, but if it's due to Oil Change that's needed, get the oil changed first, then:

If it's anything like my 2004 Camry, you got to:

1) press your ODOMETER button until it displays the TOTAL MILAGE
2) turn the key to ACC
3) PRESS and HOLD the ODOMETER button
4) turn the key to ON
5) HOLD the button until you see - - - - - -
6) continue to HOLD, it will count down - - - - - -, then, - - - -, then - - -, then - - then -, then 0000000
7) the Main't Needed Light will turn off.
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With ignition key off , depress hodometer botton ,then I turned the key to on possition with out letting go of the botton , did not start  engine on and after a few seconds light will go off.
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Disconnect the terminal on the battery for five minutes
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My husband and I both own Toyota Rav4's . His is a 2002 and mine a 2003. How can we reset the check engine light? Both came on about the same amount of mileage.

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