How To Add Freon To A 05 Ford 500?


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To add Freon to the 2005 Ford 500, a kit consisting of a pressure gage and R134a refrigerant is needed. This kit should be available from most auto part stores.

Step 1: Preparing the Refrigerant Can

After disconnecting the dispenser hose and pressure gage from the R134a refrigerant can, the safety tab cab is removed. Both hose and gage should then be reconnected to the can.

Step 2: Service Port Valve (SPV) Location

Ensuring the engine is cooled down sufficiently, it is necessary to find the quick connect valve, which should be approximately 16mm to 18mm in diameter, for the A/C low pressure SPV. In the 2005 Ford 500, this should be on the passenger side of the engine compartment, quite close to the firewall and wedged underneath the cross bar near the rear of the engine. Wearing gloves will certainly prevent losing too much skin getting there.

Step 3: Testing the A/C System

The coupler end of the dispenser hose of the can has then got to be attached to the low pressure SPV. The coupler sleeve should be pulled down while it is being attached to the SPV. After starting the engine and making sure that the A/C is set to cold, and the fan is set on high, the gage pressure is checked. If the display shows that the pressure is lower than the 'V' range, the A/C system needs to be recharged.

Step 4: Recharging the A/C System

Recharging is started by pressing the trigger on the refrigerant can. The PSI reading should be continually checked and the recharging process should be stopped when the reading is around 225 to 250 PSI, or when the can is empty. The dispenser can then be disconnected from the SPV and the engine is turned off.

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