How To Add Freon To My 2000 Sienna?


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There are five basic steps to adding Freon to your car's air conditioning system.

  • Firstly, you need to go about attaching the recharging hoses to your system. The hoses that come from the gauges will be able to attach to the compressor of the air conditioning system. Attach the shorter hose, then, to the can of Freon.
  • Next, open the valve on the can for a few seconds in order to purge the air away from the system. You will then need to go about tightening the hose connection once again and then close the valve.
  • You then need to start the car's engine once all that is done, and make sure you turn the air conditioning to its highest setting. Then you need to let the refrigerant enter the system by slowly opening the aforementioned valve towards the lower-side manifold. Then, make sure that you hold the can upright and make sure that it doesn't allow any liquid Freon to start entering the system.
  • Ensure you have gone about this procedure correctly and then just close the valve. You'll then need to remove the hose from the lower-side fitting on the car after the can has become completely empty. When you're removing this can you need to be really careful, as there generally will be some Freon left within the can.
  • If your system requires more than one can of Freon then you can just go about repeating the steps using the precise same procedure. However, what you must remember is that putting too much Freon into the system is actually worse than not having enough. By putting in too much you can permanently damage the air conditioning system. So do everything in moderation and if you need help then speak to a mechanic.
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Before you started, you should have pressed down on the valve, where the can hose connects too. This will relieve some of the pressure from the a/c system, and it assures you the system is empty.

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