The AC Clutch Won't Engage, What' Wrong?


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muhanad hajjawi answered
The fan runs good and the clutch disengage while I'm driving ..nothing is over heating.. Is there a way just to keep the clutch engaged all the time..would that be a bad thing to do?
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Terry Thompson answered
It sounds like high pressure in your system. Make sure your condenser is getting enough cooling air. Its located in front of your radiator make sure its getting enough air. Also make sure the engine fan is working all the time. If that doesn't work your ac will overheat (high pressure). If it shuts off when you are stopped it would be your fan. It it runs when you are moving say 55 mph and it works okay then you might have a cooling problem. This is just a few items you might want to check to start off with.
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T Peterson answered
Never bypass the pressure switches to manual engage the compressor. If high pressure the problem, then get it fixed. The problem you described can also be from a lack of refrigerant as well. Then the Low Pressure switch is operating. If you don't know how to check this and you don't have age manifold, then have it serviced by a certified mech.

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