How To Replace A Chevy Blazer Transmission?


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Jack truck up and put on all 4 jack stands, wobble truck and make sure it will not fall on you. Go under hood and disconnect all cables on throttle body, remove distributor cap do not unhook wires. Have a floor jack ready for use. Remove drive shaft from rear yoke and pull from trans, pull flywheel cover off and remove all 3 torque convector bolts you must spin the flywheel for this a pair of genuine vise grips works for this. This will be a little lopsided to remove with the transfer case attached but is the easist way to do it. Unhook all electrical connectors from trans and transfer case.  Jack trans and remove trans crossmember and mount, lower jack slowly and watch yourself keep jack under trans, undo trans lines and other pieces connected to trans, make sure transfer case is not hooked to anything but trans. Remove all trans bolts but 1 on either bottom side, from the side remove the last bolt and wiggle tailstock on trans it should pop loose get on the ground slide out, remove the transfer case and install on new trans, switch over al cables ans sensors from old to new trans do not use sensors in new trans use your old ones first. Once everything is switched over installation is the reverse of the removal. I hope this helps. Don't forget to chalk line the driveshafts  when you remove them so you can put them back in the correct spots you do not want them out of time.
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