Does A 2004 Nissan Maxima Use A Timing Belt Or Chain


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A 2004 Nissan Maxima has a timing chain rather than a timing belt. This means that you won’t have a definitive time when you have to replace it, but if your car has started to rattle when you accelerate, then it’s probably about time.

If you know anything about engines, you may be able to do this job yourself, but it isn’t an easy one and you will have to completely take your engine apart to do it. If you are not comfortable with this, or don’t have the knowledge to do it and be able to put it all safely back together, then don’t ever attempt it.

If you think that you can, once you have taken your engine apart, you can replace your timing chain by greasing the oil seal lip with oil and place it on the front cover. Check that the number one piston is at TDC (Top Dead Centre) of the compression stroke.

Then you need to reconnect the crankshaft sprocket, oil pump drive spacer, the timing chain guide and the lower timing guide. Make sure that all the mating marks are lined up.

Hook up the crankshaft sprocket and pulley, the lower timing chain, the front cover assembly, the engine mount and the front mounting bracket, the oil strainer and pan assembly, and the centre crossmember.

You then need to reattach the upper timing chain, the idler sprocket to the back side, the cylinder head assembly, the idler sprocket bolt and the front piece of the exhaust, and the intake camshafts. Connect all the camshaft bearing caps and the distributor brackets, and make sure that all the mounting bolts are secure.

Get rid of any old material from the pan and the cylinder block mounting surfaces, and rub on a bead of liquid gasket over the oil pan and cylinder block.

Attach the upper timing chain to the idler sprockets, and make sure the cylinder head bolts are secure. Refill the cooling system, and reconnect the negative battery cable, and anything else that may still be disconnected.
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This specific year Maxima has three different timing Chain. There is a main chain and 2 smaller chains. Beware that this is very expensive to get replaced.
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A belt is use on that model

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