Where Is The Thermostat Located On An International 4300 Truck?


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The thermostat in an International 4300 truck can be located near the radiator. It is recognizable by a two inch thick black hose that leads from the top of the radiator to the top of the engine and is clamped onto the thermostat cover. This cover will have two bolts on each side. In order to change the thermostat on an International 4300 truck, there are a few simple steps that can be carried out to remove the old one and replace it with a new one.

• First you will need to open the radiator cap by slowly turning it and listening to the pressure being released. When the noise stops, you can then remove the cap completely.
• After you have located the thermostat you will need to remove the hose by using screwdrivers of pliers to pull of the clamp. Twist the hose to loosen it from the thermostat cover and use spray lubricant as necessary. Loosen the two bolts on each side of the thermostat cover with a ratchet socket and lift the cover off to remove the thermostat.
• Using a scraper or a putty knife, remove the old gasket from the thermostat cover and sand away any remaining traces of the gasket. Drop the new thermostat into the spring mechanism where there is a narrow recessed area.
• Spread gasket sealant on the thermostat cover that makes contact with the engine as wells as on the cover base. Replace the gasket onto the cover and make sure that the two bolt holes line up. Put the thermostat cover back on and screw the bolts into place.
• Finally, replace the radiator hose and wait for the sealant to dry before you start the engine. Run the truck until it reaches normal temperature and check the thermostat cover and hose for leaks. Add any coolant if necessary.

Once you have located the thermostat in your truck, replacing it is a simple procedure that can be carried out without a professional. If you are having problems locating the thermostat then contact a garage for information.

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