How To Replace Serpentine Belt 2001 Chevy Tahoe?


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Step by step instructions for replacing a serpentine belt on a Chevy Tahoe can be found here and will give you a guide as to do it safely.

It is worth noting that you should only do this mechanical procedure if you are confident that you know how to. Failure to complete the procedure correctly could risk damaging the car and cost more in the long run. A mechanic will be more than happy to help and ensure that the serpentine belt is placed onto the car correctly.
  • As you will see from the step by step guide you will also need a diagram detailing the placement of the belt on the engine as well as a belt removal tool, both are essential for the removal of the belt.
  • Once you have these items and have located the belt the tool needs to be used to loosen the tension, once this has been done the belt needs to be fed out and off of the engine. This may include feeding the belt through the fan in the engine as some Tahoe engines have the belt running through the fan.
  • Once you have done this then it is time to insert the new belt into the engine, being sure to wrap the belt the correct way into the engine. As the step by step guide states you should start at the crankshaft and work your way round.
  • Next, the belt remover (currently holding the tension) will need to be used to place the tension back on the belt. Once this has been done double check the belt to make sure it has been placed on correctly and will not damage the car.
It should then be safe to start your engine.
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Use a 1/2 inch drive breaker bar with a shallow socket (I think the size is 5/8 or 11/16 but not positive), put the socket & breaker bar on the bolt for the tensioner pulley (smooth surfaced plastic pulley on a spring loaded arm - usually fairly close to the water pump pulley). With the breaker bar you should have enough leverage(it's a strong spring though so you might have to put a little muscle into it) to rotate the tensioner pulley and arm(usually rotates away from the water pump) allowing enough slack to get the belt on and off. Sometimes instead of using a socket on the pulley bolt if you look at the belt tensioner arm there will be a square hole in it for the square drive part of the breaker bar or ratchet to fit into. Hopefully this will help you - but if it's the belt routing diagram you need I might be able to find it in a service manual of mine and upload a picture of it for you. Good Luck   
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How do I get the serpentine belt back on my 2001 Chevy tahoe 5.3

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