How Do You Tell Gear Ratio By The VIN Number?


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First you must find your Vehicle Identity Number or VIN. This can usually be found in your driver's manual, on a sticker on the window of the driver's door. Sometimes it is sometimes on the dashboard above the steering wheel.

When you find this 9 digit number you have to read the numbers from the fourth digit to the eight digit. The digits between these numbers represent the gear ratio. If you do not find the numbers are appropriate for the gear ratio of your car then this is down to the fact not all VIN numbers display the gear ratio in their code.

If this is the case, or you are struggling to find the VIN number at all, it is always worth heading down to your local garage. If you ask them politely they might be able to find out the gear ratio of your car. I am sure they will oblige and not charge for the service. Don't feel embarrassed about asking, or think they will laugh at you for not knowing, they know it is not everyone's job or expertise and so should be happy to help and spread their knowledge.

The VIN number is also useful to find out what engine was originally in the car and can also state how many of that particular line of cars were made.
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You can call the dealer and ask the service manager to run the vin and they will tell you what ever you need to know.
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It depends on the year, make or model. The best way is to locate a series of numbers & letters stamped or raised somewhere on the rear end housing. Once again it's going to depend on the make and year as to where this may be.

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