My Truck Won't Go In Reverse What's Wrong With It?


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If your truck can't go into reverse it is un-roadworthy and shouldn't be in use. If you were to drive the truck you could get into serious trouble with the police if you are unable to reverse the vehicle.

  • Mechanic

Your personal or company mechanic is the best person to assess this problem. They'll be able to check out the gear box and other parts of the truck to identify the cause of the problem. Hopefully it will be an obvious fault that is easily resolved but with a truck there could be a number of different faults which result in your inability to reverse.

  • Replacement

It may require a completely new part to enable your truck to reverse again or a repair. In most cases a replacement is likely to be more effective than a repair, with a repair there is more likelihood of the problem recurring in the future.

  • Other problems & issues

A major problem such as being unable to reverse is unlikely to have occurred in isolation. It's likely that there will be other problems which only a fully qualified mechanic will be able to test out. A working truck should be serviced every few months to ensure that it remains roadworthy, the more miles that are clocked up the greater the wear and tear on the engine and other parts.

  • Maintenance

Regular maintenance and servicing should prevent a problem like this from occurring. With a high mileage vehicle there is a temptation to continually push it onto the road but this can be a false economy and lead to major repairs and extended time off the road. By following the advice of your mechanic you will be able to get maximum use out of your truck and keep repairs to a minimum.
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Hey what I would do is change your trany filter and drain the fluid and put more in and if that don't work check your linkage and if that don't work your gears are messed up and you will have to rebuild it that would cost around 400 dollars
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When I put my truck in reverse it doesn't works and all other forward gears

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